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Thread: Sheila Gaff released - 1st woman cut by UFC

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    Default Sheila Gaff released - 1st woman cut by UFC

    German Sheila Graf has been released, according to a report from the German site

    The UFC has released Germany's No. 1 fighter, Sheila Gaff (10-6-1), from her contract. This news comes less than two weeks after her second defeat in the world's biggest MMA organization.

    In early March Gaff signed a four-fight contract with the UFC in the bantamweight class, following a three-fight win stream at flyweight.

    The 23-year-old from Offenbach debuted on 27 April at UFC 159, losing to Sara McMann at 4:06 minutes of the first round via TKO. The Olympic silver medalist McMann repeatedly took Gaff to the mat, and worked ground and pound from there. At UFC 163 on 3 August, Gaff got back in the world famous Octagon, but unfortunately, again without success, losing to the Brazilian Amanda Nunes at 2:08 minutes, also by TKO.

    After the two defeats in the heavily occupied bantamweight class Gaff must now make a fresh start elsewhere.

    "Disappointments and defeats belong to every fighter in this career, but I will go on," said Gaff. "Most of all I am sorry that I could not show my fans what I can really do. In the last two weeks the love and uplifting words from many of my fans have helped. Thanks also for the support of sponsors MMA Spirit, Geva and Olimp."

    How exactly it will now go on with Gaff - a move to Invicta FC, back to flyweight or even an appearance in Germany - is still unclear.

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    Quit the accomplishment. Maybe Germany will give her her own postal stamp or something.
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    ...So it begins.

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    Just a practice run for when they release all of them after Rousey bails for a movie career.

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    A landmark achievement for WMMA. Like Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey before her, she blazes a trail for the next generation of women looking to pursue a career within the sport of mixed martial arts.

    Honestly though, I wondered when the first would be cut. I kind of expected it to be at a later time for some reason.

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