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I disagree with you on this one.
He has lost by submission 2 times, both times in 30 seconds. His purple belt is OK but there are many black belts in the UFC.
And in some of his fights, despite that he won, he was in positions where good BJJ fighters would put him in a lot of trouble.
He will lose to a good wrestler or BJJ fighter.
I actually think that McGregor's striking style is, in some ways, a factor that might help him when it comes to facing high level wrestlers.

If we look back to the Robert Whittaker vs Colton Smith fight, we saw a fight that stylistically was a tough one for Whittaker. However, Whittaker kept his lead hand low, ready to get an undertook should Colton shoot. This, combined with a powerful uppercut (which McGregor favours too) and some knees, make for great deterrents.

McGregor hangs his hands low a great deal, but also likes to throw a whole load of flashy kicks. If he could resist the urge to throw high-risk kicks, he could make for a tough target to take down.