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Reaction to Vitor possibly turning down the Machida fight:

Reaction to proposed Machida/Diaz fight:

Machida/Diaz is a joke, IMO. Diaz would make Machida look great by coming forward flat footed and throwing taunts while getting kicked 99 times and punched in the face. If he fought Machida like he fought Condit, he'd probably get finished. I do not believe Nick could ever land a takedown on Machida or outstrike him. This fight would be ridiculous. I just want to see Nick come back to WW, please. Robbie Lawler II, Rory Mac, Lombard!

If he wants a fight at MW, I would want to see him fight Bisping in a 5 rounder.
Nearly pissed my pants laughing at that animated gif from Dumb and Dumber.

As much as I want to believe Diaz vs Machida can be competitive, I think Lyoto "The Wood Chipper" Machida will show up and land strikes through the plodding advance of Diaz all day and night.

I have to think the UFC is desperate at this point and scratching their heads on what to do with Nick so they're just throwing anything his way and announcing it publicly to stir interest.