Describing the former champion as “a 40-year old man” (he’s actually 38), Longo says that all the talk of the UFC 162 knockout being a fix or a fluke will only motivate Weidman more.

“Nobody’s taking that victory away. We all know what happened, and anybody who’s worked out with him, sparring or wrestling, they know he’s going to do it again,” he tells Ring Fever.

“If they motivate him by saying this was a fluke, he might kill a guy, yeah, he’ll hurt him... he's that type of guy, yeah.

“You're taking a 40 year old man who got his head bounced off the canvas. Like what doctor is he going to that is going to recommend that he get back in there? 'Couple of months, that's good.' Just had a major concussion. 'Yah put him in that's good...' Guy's 40 years old, he's got a big task ahead of him.”