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Thread: Longo: "Anderson has a major task ahead of him"

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    Just because it doesn't seem likely doesn't mean that he didn't take things seriously. I believe he had a great understanding of how dangerous Chris was as a grappler, and with GnP. But I think it's important to note how often Anderson has employed a serious reach advantage. He's never NOT had a reach advantage in facing someone who could knock him out. I think he, like many, bought into the "Munoz was fat and sucked anyway" bullshit that was spread when Weidman was named #1 contender. I believe he thinks that side-by-side, he'd school Chris in a kickboxing/MT match. But he didn't factor in that the bulk of his experience has been fighting smaller fighters who simply couldn't knock him out if they managed to connect.

    and while I know you haven't said any of this specifically, that's still not a matter of him not taking the fight seriously, or giving it away/losing the fight on purpose, or any other bullshit that gets bandied about by Anderson fanboys/Weidman haters.rh
    So you're saying Anderson did underestimate Weidman's striking overall, but more importantly, he underestimated Weidman's reach, specifically? Okay, fair enough.
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    Silva underestimated Weidman's striking in the sense that he thought Weidman would have stuck to Left/Right/Left or Right/Left/Right style combo's. You don't start varying up your strikes until you're comfortable enough with normal strikes and combos. Silva was betting on Weidman getting flustered by the matrix dodging and settled into predictable strikes. Griffin did that and it made it much easier to land a finishing counter punch. Once Weidman threw that second jab, Silva had to move out of position and leave himself vulnerable. Against most guys he faced, that wouldn't have put him in too much trouble but as stated before, reach and power lead to him getting tagged, dropped and finished.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roaddawg View Post
    There was no miscalculating in dropping your guard and clearly letting someone hit you in the face. That is something Silva didn't do against Sonnen in either fight, Vitor and even Okami.
    the miscalculation was clear, with Anderson looking to stay in range to counter with his hands low. He didn't realize Chris could do damage at the same range.

    Its clear to me even leading up to the fight that Silva didn't take Weidman's striking abilities seriously. In an interview leading up to the fight he even indicated that Weidman needed to work on his striking and that he needed to work on his wrestling.
    yeah, it's clear to others that Anderson was afraid of Chris when he was actively ducking him. Both statements make about as much sense as thinking politicians are all going to stop lying tomorrow.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    Silva dropped his hands in the Okami fight. He didn't stand around like an idiot, but he definitely dropped his hands and baited him as usual.
    Quote Originally Posted by roaddawg View Post
    Silva already fought Okami before anyways so he knew Okami's striking wouldn't be an issue. Weidman was a wildcard and I have a feeling he won't use the same strategy in the rematch. did he drop his hands? yes. did you say he didn't? yes. does that make you wrong from the start? yes.

    ...of course he'll use a different strategy. He lost last time and got knocked on his ass.

    But if he comes out with a different strategy it certainly doesn't "prove" that he didn't take the fight seriously the first time, or that he "handed Chris the win" or that Weidman's efforts were a "fluke."

    It means he lost, went back and watched film, strategized and employed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by earle View Post
    So you're saying Anderson did underestimate Weidman's striking overall, but more importantly, he underestimated Weidman's reach, specifically? Okay, fair enough.
    Yes. I just took two million more words to say that.

    I'm also saying that underestimating where an opponent poses a threat doesn't mean that he didn't take the fight seriously. It just means he was [gasp!] wrong.

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