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Just because it doesn't seem likely doesn't mean that he didn't take things seriously. I believe he had a great understanding of how dangerous Chris was as a grappler, and with GnP. But I think it's important to note how often Anderson has employed a serious reach advantage. He's never NOT had a reach advantage in facing someone who could knock him out. I think he, like many, bought into the "Munoz was fat and sucked anyway" bullshit that was spread when Weidman was named #1 contender. I believe he thinks that side-by-side, he'd school Chris in a kickboxing/MT match. But he didn't factor in that the bulk of his experience has been fighting smaller fighters who simply couldn't knock him out if they managed to connect.

and while I know you haven't said any of this specifically, that's still not a matter of him not taking the fight seriously, or giving it away/losing the fight on purpose, or any other bullshit that gets bandied about by Anderson fanboys/Weidman haters.rh
So you're saying Anderson did underestimate Weidman's striking overall, but more importantly, he underestimated Weidman's reach, specifically? Okay, fair enough.