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Thread: Winner of Matt Brown vs Mike Pyle calls out GSP, wants title shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by initial_zen View Post
    I love Matt Brown as much as the next guy, buy you are getting way too ahead of yourself. He has been facing mid tier to upper mid tier opponents. Ranking him even #10 would be a stretch right now. I hope they give him a top 10 opponent soon, so he can earn his place, but as it stands he is no where near a title shot.
    Exactly. It's not like he has been facing former champs or even guys who have legitimately sniffed the top 10.
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    Matt is one of my favorite fighters. I can see him ranked at #10. He deserves a top opponent in his next outing. I don't think be should get a title shot off of beating mike Pyle but sonnen was Unranked at LHW and talked himself into a title shot and a tuf coaching gig. Brown is just trying to drum up hype and get his name on everyone's lips. It's working. He is saying crazy things like Pyle is better than gsp and that his own wrestling is better than gsp's. it's got people talking about him. Now if he beats a top guy next go around especially if its a finish I bet he will get a shot.
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