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Thread: What do you want to see next for UFCFN26 fighters?

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    Default What do you want to see next for UFCFN26 fighters?

    Who do you want to see them fight next?

    Chael Sonnen - VITOR! Even though I really wanted to see Vitor VS Machida.

    Mauricio Rua - Rua is in a very difficult position after that loss. He desperately needs a win being on a 2 fight losing skid, but who would be a good, respectable opponent for him right now? Many of the name fighters are on a winning streak and fighting Shogun right now wouldn't be much of a step up for them. I say they should pull Hamill and stick Shogun in the cage with Thiago Silva in Brazil. I don't feel like Shogun has many more years to come in the sport.

    Travis Browne - I want to see him avenge his loss to Bigfoot sooner or later but I'd like to see him fight the winner of Barnett/Mir.

    Alistair Overeem - Duffee II or winner of Rothwell/Vera

    Urijah Faber - Faber is always at the top of his divisions. I am not sure who I want to see him fight next. At BW, it would be a GREAT match against McDonald as mentioned at the presser, and if he keeps winning, a rematch against Barao or Cruz down the line could be interesting. However, TJ Dillashaw is standing in the shadows at BW and I also would like to see him fight McDonald.

    If he wanted to move up to 145, he could. There are more interesting fights for him there right now. It doesn't make much sense ranking wise but from a pure fight perspective, Edgar VS Faber would be a CRAZY 5 round fight that I would love to watch. Faber is a tough fight for anyone.

    Yuri Alcantara - Dillashaw or Assuncao

    Matt Brown - Boy, Brown is sitting pretty right now! Many exciting options for Mr. Brown here. It's a shame Nick Diaz isn't really active right now because THAT would be a fucking fight. I'd love to see him fight Lawler, too. How about the winner of Marquardt/Lombard!? There's still more interesting fights for him to list.

    Mike Pyle - Ebersole?

    Michael Johnson - After beating the hell out of Joe like that, I just want to see MJ get decimated. How about Barboza? I'd actually like to see him fight winner of Guillard/Pearson, too.

    Joe Lauzon - I would love to see Joe fight Diego Sanchez. That has the potential to be a bloody, back and forth fight that would put on a show. If Sanchez loses to Melendez, I'd want this fight. Matt Wiiman could be good, too.

    John Howard -
    Didn't see this fight.
    Uriah Hall -

    Michael McDonald - Faber or Dillashaw

    Brad Pickett - Jorgenson

    Conor McGregor - Winner of Koch/Poirer or Siver!

    Max Holloway - Lil Heathen

    Steven Siler - Brandao or Lentz

    Mike Brown - No idea really but he needs a win.

    Diego Brandao -
    Didn't see the fight either.
    Daniel Pineda -

    Manny Gamburyan - I don't have any suggestions.

    Cole Miller - McKenzie

    Ovince St. Preux - Perosh or Manuwa

    James Vick - Any of the fighters on the outer ring who are also trying to make a name.
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    damn man you have a lot of good ones there. I'll just say "Yeah, I like that."
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    overeem vs. hunt
    McGregor vs. brandao

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    Just saw on FB that Chael accepted vitors challenge.

    The quote was

    "I'm in, if vitor said my name first, I'm in. That's all you have to do is say my name, you do not have to ask twice. I'm like beyonces child- say my name, say my name."

    Looking for a source. If anyone finds one please post.
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    Sonnen: Vitor would be a smart fight to make. Machida works well too. Sonnen knows how to sell fights and both of these fights are pretty high caliber matchups for him.

    Shogun: Lil Nog for a Brazilian TUF.

    Overeem: Mark Hunt II, Struve

    Browne: Winner of Mir/Barnett or maybe Stipe Miocic.

    Faber: McDonald, Assuncao or a Frankie superfight

    Alcantara: Pickett, Mike Easton

    Brown: Mike Pierce, Robbie Lawler, Nick Diaz, Nelson

    Pyle: I don't know how many more fights Pyle has. Maybe T-Wood, Mein or Siyar.

    Howard: Andrew Craig, Camozzi, Ed Herman

    Hall: Larkin or Watson

    Lauzon: Masvidal, Dunham, Wiman, Gomi

    Johnson: Barboza, Masvidal, Cruickshank, maybe Jim Miller if they want to step up his competition.

    McDonald: Faber, Jorgensen, Jabouin, Alcantara

    Pickett: Easton, Jabouin....some kind of fun match.

    McGregor: If they're looking for a slower build, Manny works. If they want to go a little riskier, how about Dennis Siver? Also, and this would be completely hotshotting McGregor's run, but if they do Frankie/Faber, what is Cub Swanson up to?

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    sonnen-i like him and vitor. say what you want about sonnen, but he will fight anyone anytime.

    shogun-I hate this part, cause clearly he is in his twilight. how about Rich Franklin. 2 gamers on their ways down. ( and im a Huge RF guy too, but its true)

    Frank Burns..Errrrr i mean Alistair Overeem-Pink slip. Too much baggage, not enough chin. Sorry.

    Travis Browne- Fabricio Werdum looks like he fits the bill. in no way does he deserve a title shot with rossow, big nog and roy.

    Faber-I wanna see him and frankie put on a show.

    I dont really care about anyone else so im gonna stop there!

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    Chael - Vitor sounds about right if he's dropping down to 185. Beating Shogun like that was huge but Vitor is as big as you can get at 185 without facing Silva or Weidman.

    Shogun - Give him a rebound fight, tough loss to come back from so he'll need a little confidence. I don't think he'll back in the title picture any time soon too. He may be in the Rich Franklin territory of just putting on fun fights now. I wouldn't mind him against Hamill.

    Browne - Probably one fight away from a title shot at this point, Werdum makes a lot of sense. Winner takes on the winner of JDS/Cain.

    Overeem - You could probably justify cutting him at this point but I'd give him Hunt if he stays. Struve would just be outmatched.

    Faber - Frankie would be too much fun.

    Hall - Pink slip.

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    I love the Pyle/Mein idea!

    Give Johnson the obvious step with up Jim Miller.

    Siler a big opportunity in Roop.

    I hope John Howard goes to WW, but if not, Camozzi.

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    Well I really don't want to see Overeem get cut I'd like to see him get 1 more chance, I'd love to see Overeem vs Pat Barry

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