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Thread: UFC's Browne credits awareness for surviving Overeem barrage, says stoppage just

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    Default UFC's Browne credits awareness for surviving Overeem barrage, says stoppage just

    While Overeem certainly wasn't given the same recovery time Browne had received moments earlier, the victor explained the difference in the scenarios: Overeem wasn't coming back.

    "His eyes were so far back in his head that I wasn't even going throw a third hammerfist," Browne said. "I cocked back, but I was looking at him and thinking, 'Nah, he's done. I'm not going to hit him again.'

    "There was no response from Alistair when he was flat on his back looking at the light. If he would have given him an extra five or 10 seconds, there would be something wrong with him right now. When your head is bouncing off the mat? The first one was the hardest one. I was actually landing on the ground when I threw it."

    For Browne, who has lost just once in eight UFC appearances, the win helped to announce his arrival as a legitimate contender in the heavyweight division. How the stoppage affects his position in the public's eye remains to be seen, but Browne said he anticipated there would be a backlash even before he entered the cage.

    "I almost called it before the fight even happened," Browne said. "I said, 'What's going to happen is I'm going to go out here, I'm going to win, and then everybody is going to make excuses for the guy.' I knew people were going to say, 'If he would have fought the Overeem back in the day, it would have been completely different.' I beat him. I knocked him out. Stop making excuses for the guy.

    "When I sat in the press conference after I lost to Antonio Silva, I came out and said, 'I don't have any excuses. I lost the fight. You can't take that away from him.' People are going to make excuses for their favorite fighter or who they think should have won, but you have to look at the facts and see what happened."

    Browne is certainly due for another big fight in his next contest. Fabricio Werdum is waiting on an opponent, and the winners of fights like Josh Barnett vs. Frank Mir, Daniel Cormier vs. Roy Nelson and even champ Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos will all be looking for a high-profile opponent.

    While the 31-year-old Browne doesn't know what's coming next, he wants to put an end to any talk of what should or shouldn't have happened against Overeem.

    "You get hit in the body, you're able to respond," Browne said. "I was responding the entire time. Yamasaki told me to do something, and I did it. He needed a sign of life, and I yelled at him. Yeah, you get kneed in the gut by Alistair Overeem, you're going to go down, and he's going to do his job of following up with those rabbit punches and try to finish the fight on a technicality. I didn't need the ref to finish the fight. He was out cold.

    "This is a fight. Why do you need a ref to stop the fight anyway? He wasn't getting back up after I knocked him out. That's honesty. Alistair did everything he could do so he could win the fight in the first three minutes of the fight, but he would have needed the ref to stop the fight to get the win. I didn't need the ref to stop the fight. I stopped the fight.

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    He looked like a deer in headlights up till overeem gassed. Only thing impressive was the comeback. He still has a long way to go before a title shot imho.

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    Browne dropped a few times,and he was taking alot of unanswered shots,I think the ref did a bad job of letting it continue because of the rules of MMA, Travis wasn't defending himself intelligently, he just covered up and turtled. So inconsistant in judge calls, something should be done.
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    Someone needs to cheer for those poor souls.

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    Only fact I need to look at is the fact that Yamazaki allowed Browne to turtle up, after dropping down several times and decided that yelling at him underneath his turtleshell is intelligenty defending himself from an onslaught. We've seen multiple times matches being stopped in such situations, I don't mind Browne getting the win, but fuck... I want some consistency on how and in what situations the refs are stepping in. I was really surprised that Mario didn't stop the fight, and I still kinda am.
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    That was weird to read. No one is saying that the fight got stopped early, obviously Overeem was out, no one is denying that.

    People are talking about the fact that Overroid was pounding him at will, Browne was doing nothing and the fight was not stopped.
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    He did turtle up, but came back... Browne got the KO... and I'm fine with that... what I do think is wrong is that the fight got Yamazakied... (Ref interference/incompetence heavely affects the outcome)...

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    Brown was never knocked silly, which is why I think he was allowed to continue. He was still trying to defend himself, and when Yamasaki told him to do something, he tried several times to get back up and eventually did once Overeem started to gas.

    What I was suprised by was how Brown was throwing those kicks out there, I thought that was a bad decision on his part initially. I thought Overeem was going to pick him apart at that point. I didn't realize how bad Overeem was slowing down, and then Brown landed that front kick. I was hoping Brown would win, and somehow he did.

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    I thought it was gonna get stopped. I yelled at the ref.

    That being said, when I saw how Reem looked after the flurry, I knew he would find a way to lose. It's been his M.O. since I've started watching him fight.

    He is ABSOLUTELY the epitome of a front-runner IMO. As soon as something gets tougher than he thinks it should be, he finds a way to lose. All technique disappears and his chin comes straight up as he walks straight forward or just lays there waiting for GNP/Sub.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleJack View Post
    He is ABSOLUTELY the epitome of a front-runner IMO. As soon as something gets tougher than he thinks it should be, he finds a way to lose. All technique disappears and his chin comes straight up as he walks straight forward or just lays there waiting for GNP/Sub.
    What's interesting is how common it is for a fighter without the mental durability to turn to PEDs to augment their physicality in an effort to cover. You can almost time the meltdown.

    Travis Browne: I think when I started throwing that combo with the overhand left hook and uppercut to back him off, when he grabbed me, at that point it felt different. It felt like he grabbed me because he was scared of what I was gonna do. It wasn't like he was going to grab me because he was going to do something with me if that makes sense. He didn't grab me to take me down or to throw more knees. He grabbed me to stop me from what I was doing at the time. At that point, I knew that I had him on the ropes and now it was my turn to come back and put the pressure on him. I started throwing a few things, kept him guessing and then got the knockout.
    This is essentially going to be a blueprint for anyone who fights him in the future and makes it past those first 200 seconds. You're going to have heavyweights memorizing this, internalizing it, looking for those tells in AO's game.

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