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He is ABSOLUTELY the epitome of a front-runner IMO. As soon as something gets tougher than he thinks it should be, he finds a way to lose. All technique disappears and his chin comes straight up as he walks straight forward or just lays there waiting for GNP/Sub.
What's interesting is how common it is for a fighter without the mental durability to turn to PEDs to augment their physicality in an effort to cover. You can almost time the meltdown.

Travis Browne: I think when I started throwing that combo with the overhand left hook and uppercut to back him off, when he grabbed me, at that point it felt different. It felt like he grabbed me because he was scared of what I was gonna do. It wasn't like he was going to grab me because he was going to do something with me if that makes sense. He didn't grab me to take me down or to throw more knees. He grabbed me to stop me from what I was doing at the time. At that point, I knew that I had him on the ropes and now it was my turn to come back and put the pressure on him. I started throwing a few things, kept him guessing and then got the knockout.
This is essentially going to be a blueprint for anyone who fights him in the future and makes it past those first 200 seconds. You're going to have heavyweights memorizing this, internalizing it, looking for those tells in AO's game.