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Thread: Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald planned for UFC 167

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    1 thing for sure...

    Lawler will throw heat
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    Dana White introduces both Hendricks and Lawler to his Tonya Harding impression...

    More seriously, sounds like an interesting fight. I'm still hesitant as I'm not sold on Lawler being a new man and Rory's last fight left me wanting. But I hope that I'm wrong and it's a barn burner. That is for those of you who live in places with barns to burn.
    On paper this does seem like an awesome fight, but I see MacDonald approaching this one as cautiously as he did Ellenberger. Lawler presents similar challenges to Jake in that he's a stocky dude with power in both hands, but he lacks the wrestling that Jake had.

    If this stays on the feet, I think we might see a repeat of MacDonald's jab, front kick, front kick, jab strategy. I think he'd be smart to take this one down and try to wear Lawler down on the ground, before finishing it standing, or pounding him out for the TKO.

    Neither sound particularly exciting, but are necessary if MacDonald doesn't want to run the risk of getting clipped by one of Lawler's bombs from hell.

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    It's a smart match-up. If Rory wants to play it safe and not take the fight to opponents, put him in there with somebody you know will bring the fight to him.

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    I hope this doesn't end up being Lawler/Kennedy II: Electric Boogaloo.
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    I still hope someone knocks Rory's head off so GO Lawler.

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    From Bobby Voelker to Rory MacDonald.....that's a mighty step up in competition. Bad night for Robbie IMO.

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    I agree completely.

    Rory will frustrate him with takedowns and stepping in and out of range.
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    I hope the "Ruthless" one jacks up Rory.
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    I would love to see rory Mac laid out myself, but he is going to smother fuck lawler for the first two rounds. After Robbie is exhausted I expect him to open up with G n P in the third.
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    Rory vs Robbie is a fight where it's either going to blow or be awesome.

    I predict Rory to win his fight and GSP to win his. After that Dana will work his money, I mean magic, and we'll see Rory vs GSP for the belt.

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