A crap title for a supercrap translation. Another interweb hack looking to misrepresent information to create melodrama and attention for an article based on an interview he can't even understand. THAT's where MMA journalism is today...and the UG isn't even as bad of a site as so many out there.

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Got it. So Anderson gets his rematch, immediately no less, but Vitor can pound salt? Seems legit.
To be fair, he said he didn't think so, and noted that they're all employees of the UFC. If dana or Joe Silva books the bout, he'd take it.

Anderson has been about risk/reward for the last 5 years. Given the chance to take the path of least resistance, he's going to take it.

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Actually, your argument discounts the potential for champions, even dominant ones, to be the beneficiary of a "fluke" victory which I would question.

While I don't consider the situations equal, I think it's abundantly clear that no one was clamoring for Vitor to get an immediate rematch. However, he has earned one and Silva has seen fit to posture himself against it everytime it's mentioned.
You win the internets, my friend. That sums it up right there.