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Thread: Dana White: If Wanderlei Silva Is Healthy, He Will Face Chael Sonnen at UFC 167

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    Default Dana White: If Wanderlei Silva Is Healthy, He Will Face Chael Sonnen at UFC 167

    Dana White: If Wanderlei Silva Is Healthy, He Will Face Chael Sonnen at UFC 167

    Chael Sonnen rarely has to ask nicely for anything, but on Wednesday he made an impassioned plea on live television for a fight he's been looking to land for some time, and he may just get his wish.

    During Wednesday night's episode of Fox Sports Live on Fox Sports 1, Sonnen appeared during an interview being conducted with UFC president Dana White and asked for his next fight, and even had a date in mind.

    As Bleacher Report first reported earlier in the day, Sonnen is gunning for a fight against former Pride champion Wanderlei Silva, but there's no better way to make sure a fight happens than to go directly to the boss.

    "Dana, it is no secret that I am the biggest draw and the highest paid athlete in the UFC, and the only person that comes close to rivaling me is Georges St-Pierre," Sonnen said. "As I see it, in November when he takes on Johny Hendricks live and in Las Vegas, tickets on sale now, he does not have a co-main event. I ask that you put me and Wanderlei Silva on that card.

    "I ask Dana White, my plea to you, please put this fight together."

    Sonnen and Silva have been circling one another like bulls just waiting to charge for the past few months, but the fight has never come together.

    Now it seems like a certainty that Sonnen will meet Silva, but the timing is the key issue in this entire negotiation. According to White, from what he knows Silva is still coming back from an injury and may not be ready in time for UFC 167, which takes place on November 16 from Las Vegas.

    If Silva is healthy, however, White assures Sonnen that the fight will come together for that date, and he will gladly put it as the co-featured bout alongside welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre as he defends the title against current top contender Johny Hendricks.

    "I think that Wanderlei Silva is out until the beginning of the year," White said. "So I'm not sure if he's healthy, but if he's healthy I will definitely make that fight, and I'll definitely make it the co-main event."

    Now it just remains to be seen if Silva is healthy enough to take the fight against Sonnen at UFC 167. As of now, the Brazilian hasn't made a statement about being able to take the fight on that date.
    Wandy's a legend and everything but he gets rolled worse than Shogun if he takes this fight.

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    Wicked. I'm looking forward to hearing what Chael has to say leading up to this one.

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    I am having a brain fart here but what is Wandy 'unhealthy' with currently?

    I will pray to the mma gods everyday until this event that Wanderlei knocks out Sonnen in devastating fashion. I know it will not likely happen but that is one KO that would have me jumping out of my seat.

    Machida going bad ass on Sonnen:
    Machida wants parking lot fight with Chael Sonnen

    @sonnench Where is your parking lot?I will meet you there,so you remember my name!

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    Somehow Machida would even manage to make a streetfight boring. As far as Wandy goes, if he is healthy, he will show up to get thrown all over the cage. I cannot wait for this fight, I'm rooting for the bad guy!
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    I have Sonnen winning this..... but...
    Looking back on Wandy's fight with Arona, I remember Wand fighting pretty well off his back, which he'll probably be on for a majority of the fight. I don't think Sonnen's gnp will be as imposing as many people think. Nevertheless, going with Sonnen on this.

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    I don't want to see this fight. At all. Chael will take him down and Wandy will get back up and Chael will take him down and Wandy will get back up and Chael will take him down and Wandy will get back up and Chael will take him down and Wandy will get back up and Chael will take him down and Wandy will get back up and Wandy will get tired and the fight will end and Chael will have beaten Wandy and I'll have died a little inside.
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    Is he bigger then WarMachine?

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    Wandy will get tapped out.

    Sonnen been wanting this since his car ride with Wandy.

    Sonnen laughed inside because he knew that Wandy ain't got nothin' on him.

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    If Bisping and hang with Sonnen and almost win (I think he did win) I have no reason not to believe that Wandy can't do the same. It's not like Chael has the power for me to worry about Wandy getting knocked out.....

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    I see Sonnen getting the UD.

    I don't see Sonnen suddenly becoming a submission expert at this stage of his career and subbing Wand. Sonnen saw an opening against Shogun and went after a choke and got the win. Lets be honest considering it was so early in the fight it was much easier for Sonnen to hold the choke once getting the proper arm placement for it due to neither guy being very sweaty and Sonnens arms being fresh. Sonnen did great against Shogun no doubt a huge win for him but lets pump the brakes on Sonnen subbing two opponents in a row (unless his next fight is against James Toney then i could see that happening).

    I will be rooting for Wand to beat Sonnen. I can't not root for Wand. I hope he Ko's Sonnen violently but that's how i hope all Wand fights end with Wand getting the KO victory.
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    Sonnen v Stann =this fight.
    This fight will be depressing.

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