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The way I view the "street fight" situation is that Wandy was posturing when he know a fight wasn't gonna happen (no same high profile fighter is going to get into a street fight with a guy on crutches), but when the same guy that he was threating calls him out, he is the one that treats it like a business (which it is). It's kinda like someone saying "I'll kick your ass" on Facebook, and then threatening to call the cops if you suggest a meeting place. I have nothing against a guy trying to get his fair shake, but the timing for such demands is just odd considering his documented feelings towards his prospective opponent.
More like Chael was talking a whole lot of shit about Wanderlei's brazilian buddies to the media and behind peoples back, so Wanderlei confronted him strait up and told him he can't be disrespectful like that, which led Chael to shut his mouth and sitting there. If anything Chael was the one talking shit on Facebook and Wanderlei showed up at his doorstep to set things strait.