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how a guy not even close to being ranked top 10 in any division ask for ppv points is beyond me.
Regardless, isn't it typical for main events to get PPV points?

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Just curious has anyone else factored in that Silva actually makes alot more show/win money then Chael does into this conversation ? And perhaps that is a reason for Sonnen to get PPV points and not Silva.
I think this is a great point. I look at it the same way I look at employee compensation in desk work: Wandy has developed a name over years and his draw ability is consistent so it's factored into his show/win money. Sonnen isn't an immediate draw without hyping the fight, so he's paid per his ability to do so, with points being performance pay.

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Rise, I have been wondering why everybody is acting like the UFC pays Wanderlei in hotdogs and Brazilian flags.