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Thread: Wanderlei Silva won't fight Chael Sonnen unless he receives PPV points

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    Quote Originally Posted by initial_zen View Post
    I don't see how Chael's base pay should affect whether or not Wanderlei gets a ppv cut. Should Bendo not get "ppv points" if he fights TJ Grant just because Grant makes less base pay?
    Chaels base is probably a big reason he gets PPV points... he only makes 50k to show but like it or not he has done a ton of work to drive the value of the ppvs and fox shows that he is on. So he gets rewarded for the extra effort. Silva is making about 200k to show for a fight if he gets PPV points then he makes a lot more money for Sonnen for doing less promotion and (arguably) being less of a draw. Personally I think they should make around the same amount for the fight Sonnen because he'll draw more and is a higher ranked fighter and Silva because of his name and legacy. If you give silva points that doesn't happen

    Comparing Benson and Silva is apples to oranges they are at way different points in their fighting career namely one of them is a champ of their division and I think all champs should automatically get PPV points.

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    So what I gathered from this was Chael was scared for not fighting a man on crutches, on camera.

    Got it.
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