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Thread: Vinny Magalhaes not retiring, fights Monson in Hawaii in Nov

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    Default Vinny Magalhaes not retiring, fights Monson in Hawaii in Nov

    Vinny Magalhaes entered the UFC on a five-fight win streak, and extended it with an armbar win over gor Pokrajac. However, following a decision loss to Phil Davis and a KO loss to Anthony Perosh in just 14 seconds, Magalhaes was released by the organization.

    The 29-year-old 'Pezão' (the nickname means large foot) contemplated retirement, and made an announcement of sort to the effect, but has decided instead to keep fighting. Magalhaes will fight Jeff Monson at Global Warrior Challenge 2: USA vs. Brazil on Nov. 9 in Hawaii. The fight will be contested at heavyweight.

    "I never really thought of retiring," Magalhaes told MMA Fighting. "I made those comments within 24 hours after I had lost a fight, so I was still a little frustrated, and I was being too emotional with my responses. That's why I haven't said a thing since. I needed to clear my mind before starting to speak about my next moves."

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    Good, I like Vinny. I didn't want to see him retire.

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    Too bad, I dislike Vinny. I was hoping to see him retire.

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    Vinny is another coulda, shoulda, woulda fighters for me. His BJJ is bonkers, but his striking and cardio have just never developed to the point where he could compete against the upper echelon, such as fighters in the UFC and the fact that there was so little improvement is alarming for someone looking to continue his career.

    I predict a split decision.

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    Man, Monson is the first fight for everyone leaving an org. He's always been one of my favorites, I hope he can win against Vinny.

    Edit: SNOWMAN!!!!
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    It's gonna be a good weekend

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    He needs to go to a wresting camp or something, not just for the wresting, but to get that tough, never quit, grinding mentality he is lacking. Also, he needs to find a gym that beats the snot out of him constantly, so that he can keep improving and so he can just get used to losing without breaking mentally (I have a feeling he doesn't get beat up much at his gym).. and he needs better game plans, which he needs to actually follow of course.

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    Monson takes this.

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    I think that whilst Monson is a beast, Vinny takes this. I can see Monson trying to play a heavy-but-safe top game and getting caught. Vinny's jits is on a different level and if this turns into a grappling contest I think he'll just be a little too tricky for Monson.

    Failing that, Monson takes the decision.

    I'm going t go with my gut though and say WAR LARGE FOOT!!!

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