"Iíll be watching this fight really closely on Wednesday, between Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann," Saffiedine told "I really like those fighters, both of them would be good fights for me. Iíd like to fight the winner of that fight.

"They are both coming of losses, but I think Carlos looked good in those fights he lost. Martin got knocked out against Johny Hendricks. Itís going to be a war, Iím looking forward to watch it."

Still recovering from the injury, Saffiedine hopes to fight one more time before the end of the year.

"Iím hoping (to fight) later December, early January," he said. "If I start training in the end of September, give me three months and I can fight in December. But if my rehab needs a little more time, maybe January (is better). Dec. 28 at UFC 168, would be the best time for me. Itís been really, really frustrating. It makes me angrier, gives me more motivation for my next fight."

Saffiedine last fought in January, when he won the Strikeforce welterweight title with a dominant win over Nate Marquardt. Always quiet, "Sponge" wonít be seen calling fighters out in the UFC, but he realizes that he needs to speak more loudly to get top-ranked opponents.

"Obviously, I donít choose my opponents, they decide," he said. "I didnít call anybody out, I didnít ask for a fight. Lawler was a tough opponent, wouldíve been a great fight. But for my next fight Iím hoping to get a top 10 or a top 5."

With a win in his UFC debut, especially over guys like Condit or Kampmann, the Strikeforce champion expects to get closer to a shot at the UFC title.

"Thatís the goal," said Saffiedine. "I believe if I win one of those guys, it puts me maybe one or two fights away from the title. But obviously, Iím a fighter that doesnít look past anyone. I take one fight at a time. But my ultimate goal is to fight for the title, thatís the reason I came to the U.S. I came here to fight and beat those names. Thatís my plan, thatís why I left my country, my family and friends. Iím really, really hungry and I canít wait to come back to training."