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Thread: Congratulations Weidman, but Bisping could have just as easily knocked out Anderson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rise View Post
    Wait so are you saying Silva has a weak chin then ?
    A light blow to an unprepared chin can lead to a flash KO.

    Quote Originally Posted by FFFRpickup View Post
    opinions are neither right or wrong just opinions. I feel most of Silvas wins were FLUKE.

    Weidman studied his opponent and unlike forrest and bonnar, he can move forward while throwing leather. the gif of bonnar throwing that side kick is telegraphed and that's all he threw. same as forrest...throwing punches standing in the same spot not moving forward. Weidman pressed forward aggressive enough and with the ability to not eat heavy shots. Silva attempted the dance...and looked like a foolish doing it. weidmanhe said it himself. he took shots and moved forward showing coming to get you and he did! He will prove it again in the rematch. this time subbing silva! Im calling a Weidman FLUKE submission. i'll say guillotine.
    Do you gamble by chance?

    By the way this is more of a question for anyone to answer. Are there any non-fanboys here on the forum? Those who also believe they are capable of walking on water are also free to answer.
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    Anderson Silva:
    Best Fighter on the planet.

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