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Thread: Which 2 fighters would you combine into one?

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    Default Which 2 fighters would you combine into one?

    Title is self explanatory. If you could combine two fighters from the past and/or present (at their best) to make one true ultimate ass kicking machine, who would it be??? Pictures and gifs are welcome, as well as some extra thoughts. It doesn't have to be only the best fighters mixed together but two fighters who would just make a killer combo in your opinion. It could be any two fighters from any weight class as well.

    I don't even know where to start but since I thought of this subject while skimming through some of the other recent threads, I'll go ahead and give an obvious one.

    Chris Weidman + Anderson Silva =

    That mix would be unstoppable considering Weidman still has miles of improvement to go. Could you imagine Anderson's skills and knowledge combined with Weidman's power, physicality, athleticism, wrestling, and jiu jitsu? I could only wish to see what would become of opponents.

    How about Chuck Liddell + BJ Penn?! That mix would be a killer combination, literally. You'd have to make sure that the opponent would get out of the cage alive. You'd have Liddell with his sprawl and brawl defensive wrestling, trademark punches, huge KO power, powerful kicks, tattooed head/mohawk combo, with BJ's boxing technique, jabs, combos, speed, jiu jitsu, submissions, and then you have BOTH of their killer instincts which would be beyond deadly AND both of their chins (every attribute is considered in their prime).

    Hell, you combine almost any two top fighters in the world and you have yourself a superfighter. Fun to think about.
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    Overeem and Frankie Edgar would murder anyone ever considered.
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    GSP and Damien Maia, who wouldn't get tapped out?
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    Easy answer. Fedor + Anderson.

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    Hughes + Royce= slammed then your bones are breaking

    Wandy + Maia= your choice get tapped or KTFO'd

    Struve + Brock = a 7 foot 300 pound monster that has great TD and subs with long strong jabs

    Jose Canseco + Hong Man Choi= WTF I just want to see this ugly Muther F&*ker get killed in a cage///
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    GSP (technique) + Wanderlei Silva (animal instinct)

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    GSP + Anderson - best mma striker and mma wrestler combined pretty hard to beat that combo in my opinion

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    Bob Sapp & Kalib Starnes.
    Sorry Fedor, but Dan Henderson is the G.O.A.T.

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    brock + bj penn

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    Keith Hackney + Aldo would be the greatest no rules fighter possible. Imagine if Aldo was targeting the balls when he whips those kicks. It hurts like hell to think about.
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