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Thread: UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Kampmann 2- Live Results and Discussion Thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sakara=Excitement View Post
    If you can show me laughing specifically at someone after a fighter loses, quoting one of their posts, ill apologize ten fold.

    And if it bugs you, man up and say something then. Call me out on it. Just like I did. None of this passive aggressive crap.
    Ok I'll man up and call you out. You are acting like a little bitch. He was laughing at how you had it scored because he thought it was crazy. If you are that sensitive go see a shrink and by all means quit acting like a douche when you happen to be right.

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    A tiger never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep.

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    Well of the 4 fights I saw I was pretty damn happy I saw them. Gastelum looked fantastic! His striking has shored up nicely and I am expecting to see him grow and hopefully get better. I know it would be a huge step up but him vs Kampman? Or is that too much too soon?

    The Court McGee fight was great, I thought he would be able to outpace Whittaker and wear down his cardio but he didn't and I am impressed with Whittaker. I do not think Court won that fight but it sure was close. I really enjoyed it and I would like to see these guys fight again at some point. I think Court could have been more effective if he had used the body kicks more, I thought I saw Whittaker wince a couple times.

    So disappointed with Cerrone's fight. I was really hoping he would submit Dos Anjos but he was being beaten on the feet and the ground. He looked just dandy in the 3rd round, I wish he could have started like that.

    Condit vs Kampman was an awesome fight, I would love to see number 3! I was really impressed with Kampman's start of the fight and his takedowns were nice. Once Condit found his range it was just a matter of time though I guess. I wanted to see it go long and it did so no complaints at all. Both guys looked pretty good and Kampman while he slowed down a bit still looked pretty good until he got cut and ate some straight punches.

    Of those 4 I enjoyed every fight so this fight night was a win for me!
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    Alessio Sakara loses alot so he must relly enjoy his wins enough and now has become sore winner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniggles View Post
    Alessio Sakara loses alot so he must relly enjoy his wins enough and now has become sore winner.
    Sakara is still in the UFC?

    As for yesterday's fights. I just saw the main event and it was a good fight. Condit makes some very nice combinations. He lost the first round, then he won the second round, he absolutely dominated Kampmann in the third and finally destroyed him in the 4th.
    Sooner or later Condit will fight for the title again. Overall he is a very good fighter and I also like how when he is on his back he immediately looks for submissions and does not simply lay there.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    If Condit is in 5 round fights, it's hard to see him losing to anyone besides GSP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goremire View Post
    He does seem to get better and better as the fight goes on. But yeah, his defensive wrestling is too weak for him to have a genuine shot against GSP. If GSP vacates the belt in the next 12 months? Condit has the skillset to finish anyone at 170.
    If/when GSP hangs it up, how poetically awesome would it be to see Rory vs. Condit II for the vacated strap?

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