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Thread: Ben Rothwell Topples Brandon Vera, Calls Out Travis Browne

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    Default Ben Rothwell Topples Brandon Vera, Calls Out Travis Browne

    The third and final round was all Rothwell’s as he charged forward pressing Vera against the cage, where he unleashed a barrage of strikes that wilted “The Truth” and signaled the end of the fight.

    With the victory, Rothwell notched his nineteenth knockout victory and moved to 3-3 inside the Octagon.

    Following the fight, Rothwell didn’t hesitate to lay out a roadmap for the UFC‘s dynamic matchmaking duo of Joe Silva and Sean Shelby, calling out Travis Browne.
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    "I call out... (oh wow, whos it gonna be? JDS? Cain? Hunt?) Travis Browne"

    (ummm.. ?! Whothafuk u say?!)

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    I think it'd be an exciting fight but I don't see any scenario where Browne looses.

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    Travis Browne to Ben Rothwell: 'LOL... I'm Looking Forward, Not Back'

    Ben Rothwell fought a fairly underwhelming fight for the majority of his UFC 164 contest with Brandon Vera. It may have been more a result of Vera's backpedaling strategy, but Rothwell eventually got the finish.

    Speaking with Joe Rogan after the fight, Rothwell called out Travis Browne. The UFC contender took to Twitter to respond to Rothwell's callout.

    "LOL @rothwellfighter had your chance a yr ago but you magically sprained your little toe and now you want to be given something I've earned."
    Browne continued, saying Rothwell is out of his league:

    "I'm looking forward, not back.. You have some catching up to do son."
    Rothwell responded saying his callout wasn't done maliciously.

    "' @travisbrowneMMA it's all respect man, just think we would have a great fight, and giving the fans that is all I care about."
    Browne replied to the UFC 164 winner by saying he should earn the high profile fights by his performance in the cage, not with an interview.

    "Ok @RothwellFighter if it was about respect then you would work yourway up the ladder andearn the shots I've earned notask for them w/themic."
    Rothwell and Browne were supposed to meet up last year, but an injury forced Rothwell out of action. Browne has subsequently shot up the rankings with wins over Gabriel Gonzaga and Alistair Overeem in his recent fights. Rothwell meanwhile has alternated wins and losses since joining the UFC's ranks.

    Rothwell was doing his best to help get a big match up with the Wisconsin crowd behind him, and you can't blame him since it seems a lot easier to get high profile fights through talking rather than actually fighting.

    You also can't blame Browne for not being interested as it's clear the two men are nowhere near one another in the heavyweight rankings.
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    Rothwell/Nelson rematch makes sense to me right now.
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