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Thread: Report: Scott Jorgensen May Be Preparing for Flyweight Debut

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    Default Report: Scott Jorgensen May Be Preparing for Flyweight Debut

    Report: Scott Jorgensen May Be Preparing for Flyweight Debut

    Joe Warren, bean spiller?

    On Monday, the Bellator bantamweight and Fight Master coach was presumably poised to discuss his bout this Thursday at Bellator 98. Instead, Warren may have also broken a bit of UFC news, nonchalantly noting that his friend Scott Jorgensen is moving down to the flyweight division. Jorgensen has never fought professionally at 125 pounds.

    "Now that he's a 125-er, he can't talk [smack] to me anymore," Warren said of Jorgensen Monday on The MMA Hour broadcast with host Ariel Helwani.

    When pressed on the topic, Warren didn't backpedal, saying, "Yeah, it is news, and I'll be the first one to say it. He walks around at 138 right now and he's going to have that belt within a year."

    Jorgensen has not publicly commented either way via Twitter or any other means. The 30-year-old bantamweight veteran is 14-7 overall and 3-3 in the UFC Octagon. His last fight, a submission loss to Urijah Faber, happened in April, and the UFC has not yet announced a new fight for Jorgensen.

    Well respected as a tough out among fighters and fans alike, Jorgensen has at times appeared a bit undersized at the elite echelons of the 135-pound division. On its surface, a run at flyweight may make sense for Jorgensen, who was a three-time Pac-10 champion wrestler at Boise State University.

    The flyweight division is one of the UFC's thinnest weight classes, though it has moved recently to add depth with signings of top prospects like Darrell Montague, Ali Bagautinov, Dustin Ortiz and Justin Scoggins.

    Though Warren's interview ironically stood out most for letting the Jorgensen weight-drop cat out of the bag, he still discussed his role on Bellator's reality TV series Fight Master, as well as his Bellator 98 tangle with Nick Kirk. The 36-year-old Warren, Bellator's former featherweight champ, is looking for one more title run. Thursday's fight is the part of the first round of Bellator's latest bantamweight tournament.
    Follow the link for the entire article. Interesting move, wonder if we'll see this come to fruition....

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    Flyweight could always use more contenders
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    He carries a lot of muscle but he doesn't have a very big frame so this might be a good move for him.

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    I like Jorgensen and I like this move. That's my irrelevant opinion for the day. You're all welcome.

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