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Thread: Mir, Barnett, White: Stoppage was early

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    I thought it was an early stoppage too.

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    It may have been a bit early, but I would rather ref's were early on a stoppage then late. Mir got blasted, went limp, and was about to eat a lot of punishment. Was he right out? Could he have recovered? Maybe, but I think the odds of him just eating punishment are a lot higher.

    and RH is 115% right with his response to Mir's version of history.

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    As far as I'm concerned, the ref saved Mir from unnecessary punishment.

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    I think he definitely got rocked and went down because his legs turned to rubber momentarily, but I wouldn't consider that a flash KO. It didn't seem like he lost consciousness. Plus the ref didn't even give him a chance to see if he could defend himself intelligently, because he jumped in to stop it as soon as that knee landed. But I understand it is a matter of opinion and I can see both sides of the argument (better safe than sorry and whatnot).

    Despite all that... it was actually very fun to watch.

    So Mir/Overeem or Barnett/Overeem?

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    I thought the stoppage was fine.

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    The more I watch that .gif, the more I think the stoppage was fine. Watch the way Frank's head whips around on his way, and the way he hits the canvas like a wet noodle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qball1974 View Post
    Was early but wouldn't have changed anything.
    The only thing I believe it changed was the length of Mir's medical suspension.

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    I think it was a little early but like everyone else has said the eventual outcome would have been the same. One would think after all these years Mir would try to touch up on his clinch fighting, he's not a small guy but allows himself to be bullied up against the cage as if he weighed 215. I think his overall wrestling and TDD has improved over the last couple years but being on his back is not really a big problem for Mir, its the clinch against the cage. Carwin crushed him there, DC had his way with him on the fence, and now Barnett finishes him in the clinch. Dude needs to work some grecko!!!
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    It was not bad, maybe a couple of seconds early, but nothing special at all.
    We've seen thousands of stoppages much worse than this one, and anyway Barnett was clearly winning the fight.
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    As far as I'm concerned, the ref saved mir from a big beating. He looked pretty helpless to me, until Barnett got his giant self off of him.

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