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Thread: Mir, Barnett, White: Stoppage was early

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    I think the only reason we say it was early is because of what happened afterwards. It appeared to be a flash knockout and Mir appeared to be fine afterwards. If you look at it from a refs perspective you stop a fight immediately upon a guy getting knocked out. It is unfortunate that Mir bounced back so quick and was ready to go. I can't really fault the ref on this one any say it was a bad stoppage but it is one that i would be ok with if it wasn't stopped at that point.

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    Could be seen as early but Barnett was going to keep beating him till he was flattened so Mir may as well be thankful.

    This is kind of reminicsent of Fedor/Hendo...

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    I stopped thinking like that after the Carwin/Lesner fight. Frank may or may not have been able to recover, we will never know.
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    I agree with the three of them. Early stoppage.
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    What that gif doesn't show, are the elbows and shots Barnett was landing prior to the knee.
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    Mir definitely went out for a split second so I have no problem with the stoppage. I doubt he could have come back from that as Barnett seemed to be in a great position to follow up.

    I'd love to see Mir-Overeem in a loser gets fired fight.
    If Overeem lost to Mir, that would be such a huge fall from grace. Overeem is really in a shitty position right now. It really is do or die time for him.

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    Lights went out, ref pounced incredibly quickly, lights came back on. I don't have a problem with the stoppage. Sometimes a guy goes out for a second, the ref doesn't get in there, the guy recovers, and the fight continues. I have no problem with that either, but you can't get mad at a ref for stopping the fight when one of the fighters was out. It just sucks for Mir (not really) that the ref was so alert.
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    Josh Barnett: UFC 164 victory over Frank Mir was 'cheapened' by stoppage controversy
    (via Sherdog Beatdown Radio):

    "It does cheapen the win to some degree, but also what makes it difficult is that he gets up and says what he wants to say and I can't just slug him and knock him out again.The problem with that is, the repercussions would be bad. I told him, I go, ‘Well, I understand why you're upset and I'd be mad if I felt it was stopped early too.' ... There was a little understanding on my part, but I was also visibly -- I was incredibly upset myself because I felt like I got robbed of the moment. I did all this training. We get in the ring. We're not there to be friends. I put this man on his face, and all of a sudden all that time spent getting up to this point, I feel like that's my time. I get to cash in for all the sacrifices I've put in ... and I get denied."

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