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What an utter punkassed useless waste dana is.

Did he tell the world the soares was making Anderson look scared when Silva didn't want to move up to 205 to face Jones?
Dana continues to undervalue Aldo and mismanage his portrayal in the media. if you asked dana if Aldo was better p4p than chael fucking sonnen, white would tell you he wasn't, because sonnen sells more ppvs.

This is dana trying to tell an uneducated public what they should think, applying pressure to Aldo and Pederneiras. Mendes has earned a rematch, a superfight with Pettis--at any weight class--shouldn't even be discussed at this point. I'm 100% sure that Guida would have gotten a title shot if he'd beaten Chad last night. Give Mendes his rematch and leave superfights off the board.

Now I agree with most of this, and rarely disagree with anything rh says.. I gotta just say this..

Pettis' only clear cut challenger right now is TJ Grant honestly, the #1 contender.. No other fights really make since at 155 for him, and the Aldo fight IS the fight people WANT to see. So for Pettis pushing this fight is brilliant and Aldo did agree to fight him before, BUT Pettis was the only who pulled out I understand, not Aldo. Pettis doesn't have much to do at 155 atm.

At 145.. Edgar, Lamas, Swanson, Poirier all guys who are on the edge of a title shot...BUT Pettis/Aldo is a fight people want to see.. Make some legit #1 contenders after they make Pettis/Grant & Aldo/Lamas.. If they both win then set them up in a super-fight.. That is what makes perfect sense to me.. Then after that 145 and 155 should have some legit #1 contenders for the Titleshots.