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Thread: UFC boss: Definitive loss leaves Benson Henderson's road back to title lengthy

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    Default UFC boss: Definitive loss leaves Benson Henderson's road back to title lengthy

    UFC President Dana White admitted that with Henderson now 0-2 in his career against Pettis, not to mention after suffering a first-round defeat to "Showtime" at this weekend's UFC 164 event, "Smooth" may find the path to a third fight a little longer than he might hope.

    "That's definitely the case," White told (
    "We had the fight with Ben and Frankie where some people thought he won," White said. "There's no f---ing denying who won this fight, and it was a first-round annihilation, kind of like the Vitor-Anderson thing, you know what I mean?"

    For his part, Henderson remained relatively upbeat at the evening's post-event press conference. His right arm was damaged in the fight-ending submission, but he didn't yet know to what extent. And unlike after the first loss to Pettis, Henderson kept his emotions in check. However, he insisted the sting was no less painful than the first time around.

    "I did my crying and blubbering backstage," Henderson said. "I figure you guys have enough film and footage of me crying, so I was like, 'Yeah, I'll go ahead and do that backstage so you guys can't film me and then play it over and over and over.'"
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    of course it is.

    ...and yet Anderson gets and immediate rematch...after his own annihilation.

    keep it classy and consistent dana. you the man.

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    compaing Anderson silva to benson Henderson is night and day, apples to oranges. They are no where even close to the same situation at all.


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    Comparing what Anderson did to Vitor and what Pettis did to Henderson is a little unfair. Not trying to take anything away from how impressive Pettis looked but I wouldn't consider three body kicks and a nicely sunk in armbar an annihilation. I'm not interested in automatic rematch but if Bendo goes on to win three or four in a row against top guys, than hell yeah bring on Pettis/Henderson III.

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    Bendo is going to have a hard time getting a third fight against Pettis, that doesn't mean he couldn't find himself in a title fight if Pettis drops the belt to someone else,and Ben is in line.
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    I think Bendo needs 2-3 solid wins to get back into a titlefight. LW division just so deep at the moment, that it would be pretty damn unfair for all the other fighters if Bendo would get a titlematch after just 1 win. Especially since it was his 2nd defeat against Pettis.
    Naturally injuries, Pettis losing his 1st title defense match might change all tha
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    So much for beating that Anderson Silva record. Now you've two titles to Pettis and have two "stains on your soul" from the same guy too lol.

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    What happened to Bendo and what happened to Anderson are literally the exact same thing. It isn't night and day, it is day and when the sun is up. Different name, same result. The only difference is taking into account who Anderson is, and part of who Anderson is, is a guy who would be refusing this rematch with everything he had if he still had the leverage of the belt around his waist. Winning gets you to title fights, and losing should put you away from them. Immediate title rematches should only be for controversial decisions. Anderson is only getting a rematch because Dana saw dollar signs. People are accepting it because "Anderson deserves it after all he has done" which is not how sports or championships work. Some including Andersons friends don't believe he even wants another title fight, but Dana talked him into it. Even if you believe he wants and deserves another title fight, you still have to admit he is a weird dude, and some of his antics & mood swings (holding up the belt and everything he said involving super fights) are bad for the sport. Dana is a hypocritical piece of shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BonesKnows View Post
    compaing Anderson silva to benson Henderson is night and day, apples to oranges. They are no where even close to the same situation at all.
    How is it not even close? It seems pretty close to me.
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    Look I am a Bendo guy but the difference is the longest reigning UFC champ compared to a Bendo who has only had 3 defenses.
    Anderson was not getting beaten to the punch but Bendo was.
    The comparisons are a tad off.
    As I have said prior Anderson & GSP (along with Aldo at this point) have earned an immediate rematch, Bendo unfortunately has not.
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