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There are A LOT of idiots. Being in the majority doesn't make somebody smart. Name another legitimate sport where past championship glory gets you another championship opportunity?
There is none. In all other sports I can think of, once the championship is awarded the quest for the next championship begins with a clean slate for all. Including Champion and Runner up. Obviously that is not how combat sports works, though, so that argument is irrelevant. There is no season, there is no rigid schedule that weeds out the strong from the weak and there is no play offs to determine each championship. Boxing and MMA are left on their own little island where fights are arbitrarily picked based on variable factors. It's a flawed system, for certain!

Not sure if you read the rest of my previous post but I do agree the UFC did a poor job in 2013 at maintaining its sporting credibility. But based on the merits of Anderson's run I think he dominated long enough to make an exception. I stand with the rest of the idiots on this one.