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Lil Nog and Phil Davis.
Lil Nog is 2-2.

Davis is currently ranked top 5 while Glover is on the outliers of the top 10.

Only 4 men have not fought Jones in the top 10. Lil Nog, Davis, Glover, and Gustaffson are the only 4 of the other 9 to have not faced Jones. We know how afraid the UFC is of rematches unless it comes to people of "legendary status" due to marketability. Therefore, the choice should have been determine through picking between Lil Nog, Davis and Glover.

Phil Davis has already gotten a title shot recently and has a recent loss. Lil Nog is the least marketable of the 3 while Glover is the most marketable. Every title shot granted has a message it sends to the stable of fighters. To me this message is that if you are a finisher with a stellar record then your ranking will be negated and you will be bumped up to #1 contendership without having to face any top 5 level talent.