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Thread: UFC Fight Night 28 in Tweets: Pros react (Spoliers)

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    Default UFC Fight Night 28 in Tweets: Pros react (Spoliers)

    Jon Bones Jones ✔ @JonnyBones

    Bader got way too excited.. Cost him that fight.. Gotta stay relaxed out there

    Jon Bones Jones ✔ @JonnyBones

    I don't mind people thinking I'm going to lose just come at me with something logical

    Jon Bones Jones ✔ @JonnyBones

    I think he's a lot like rampage just with better grappling “@jameskealy1: @JonnyBones what do you think of Glover?”

    Luke Rockhold ✔ @LukeRockhold

    Wow @jacareMMA nice right hand congrats!

    James Te Huna ✔ @JamesTeHuna

    Jacare looking dangerous as! Hate to fight him

    Daniel Cormier ✔ @dc_mma

    Jacare is something serious, he keeps getting better. I mean no one has ever mowed Down yushin like that.

    michael ✔ @bisping

    So okami and jacare both look like extras from the walking dead, evil looking sons a bitches.
    5:53 PM - 4 Sep 2013

    Dana White ✔ @danawhite

    Jacre is the REAL DEAL!!!!!!! Wow destroying Okami is a BIG DEAL!!!!

    Ronaldo Jacaré ✔ @JacareMMA

    “@danawhite: Jacre is the REAL DEAL!!!!!!! Wow destroying Okami is a BIG DEAL!!!!” Thanks boss looking forward to my next Fight !

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    Man I am a big fan of Okami and I usually root for him, but Jacare made him look like a random strikeforce filler lol. I have been waiting a long time for Jacare to make it to the ufc. If Weidman retains the belt, that fight would be freaking amazing.

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    Jacare may very well be the champion soon.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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