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Thread: Mir vs Overeem added to UFC 167

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goremire View Post
    Mir wilts under pressure, especially while being mauled in the clinch against the fence, which is Overeem's MO. He doesn't have Travis Browne's courage under fire, and would not come back from a similar assault. He struggles to get fights to ground, has been both ragdolled and bullied to a losing decision and brutally finished in the past few years, showing that is beatable in a number of ways. On paper this is a horrendous matchup for Mir.

    So why do I have this weird feeling that Mir will submit him in the first?
    I would say AO also has a tendency to wilt while under pressure. And Mir has come back from having the crap pounded out of him, look at Brock I and Nog II. But that was a few KOs ago.
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    I personally would like to see Mir win, I know Kongo is no Reem but all he needs to do is tap the jaw of Reem to make him a tad off balance and hopefully secure take down and then Reem is in shark infested waters. With all that being said I do not see that happening but one could hope right?
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    This is a great fight.... that I don't want to happen.
    I'm sick of seeing both of these guys lose.
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    I can only agree... horrible match up for Mir, but hopefully crisp boxing can help him get the win... AO isn't great at getting punched in the face... and like kevo mentioned it... if Mir can survive the 3 minute assault from AO, the match is his...

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    I'm not a fan of either fighter, I don't care if they both end up leaving...but I don't think it's as bad of a matchup for Mir as you all. Any of the three guys he's lost to recently would beat AO handily, in my opinion.

    Frank needs to focus on setting up his TD's more but above all, do not go right out and shoot. In all seriousness, AO's striking [and KO power] is some of the most overrated in MMA. If Frank can stay mobile to the point where he doesn't let AO walk him against the cage, Frank can stand with him long enough to keep pressure, which is going to open more holes in AO's game. Don't commit to the TD unless the opening is actually there.

    If he overcommits to the takdown right away, it'll be a short night for Frank.

    Either way, I'm pretty meh. about the whole thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rivethead View Post
    Either way, I'm pretty meh. about the whole thing.

    Exactly how I feel about this fight...
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    Barnett and DC immediately put him to the cage.

    This ends badly for Frank, IMO.
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    "Alistair is taking it to Mir on the fence, and a piece of debris, it looks to be a gum wrapper floats into the wind and taps Alistair on the chin...And the former Strikeforce and K1 champ is down! this..Could be the end of the Reem. Mir looks stunned.."

    That is a look into the future.

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    Overeem has the massive power and striking advantage here, but I really can't overlook Mir's far superior fight IQ, which is an area where he far exceeds Overeem.

    With Mir's BJJ, I'd just recommend that he try to get an early takedown and if he gets pressed up against the cage, I'd just recommend Mir pull guard before he gets dummied.

    I'd have really much rather preferred Barnett get Overeem, so he could get another big win under his belt to develop his name in the UFC, but with this matchup here, it feels like we'll be hearing Barnett/Browne announced sooner than later, and there's still the spectre of what to do with Werdum, depending on where Cormier chooses to fight post Nelson.

    Overeem SHOULD win IMO, in the identical way to Lesnar II, Carwin or Barnett's wins over Mir.....but he's great at losing fights that are completely winnable and if he's not careful, Mir is cagey enough to completely steal the fight with a submission.

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    Mir has a hope, and that is Overeem's weak chin.
    Mir is not exactly a KO machine, but he has power. He was the first one to KO Big Nog, even though that was 5 years ago.
    Frank has a punchers chance, if he lands domething solid, Overeem may get KOd.

    If Mir loses I am not sure he will get cut. He would have lost only to Top fighters, and he is a veteran in the UFC.
    If someone like Leonard Garcia or Dan Hardy can lose 20 fights in a row and remain in the roster, why not Mir too?
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