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Thread: UFC's Frank Mir at light heavyweight? Mike Dolce thinks he could do it

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    Default UFC's Frank Mir at light heavyweight? Mike Dolce thinks he could do it

    Dolce, a guest on today's edition of Radio, was asked about the possibility. The weight-cutting and dieting consultant is friends with Mir and is happy to discuss the possibility with him. After working with some of his current clients, Dolce thinks he could get Mir down to the 206-pound limit if the fighter is interested.

    "I would have to sit down with Frank, and we'd have to talk about it, and he'd have to talk to his family and things like that," Dolce said. "What makes sense for him? Frank, he's a former UFC champion at heavyweight, so I'm not saying he needs to. Could he? Absolutely. Why not? ('The Ultimate Fighter 17' winner) Kelvin Gastelum just lost 35 pounds to weigh in at 170, and he went and competed at 194, the same exact weight he was when he won the middleweight title for 'TUF 17.' That's very important.

    "We added muscle and lost body fat. He still competed at the same exact weight but with a brand new body. So with Frank, could we do it? I think so. If you're walking around at 250 pounds with more than 10 percent body fat, I think you could easily make 205 pounds."

    Mir (16-8 MMA, 14-8 UFC) and Overeem (36-13 MMA, 1-2 UFC) fight Nov. 16 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. After losses to Junior dos Santos, Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett, Mir badly needs a win. Granted, he's still ranked No. 12 in the latest USA TODAY Sports/ MMA heavyweight rankings, but with more than 12 years in the sport, Mir likely only has so many fights left.

    If he wants to remake himself at 205 pounds for that final run, Dolce thinks it's a legitimate possibility. Mir weighed in at 248 pounds for his Aug. 31 bout with Barnett, and Dolce just looks at a current client and a former one as proof that Mir could follow suit if he wanted to.

    "Johny Hendricks comes down from 215 to make 170, and look at what we've done: He's a No. 1 contender," Dolce said. "Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson was 261 pounds when he went into camp to fight Lyoto Machida. It was a terrible matchup for 'Rampage' ... but Quinton went from 261 to 205 and beat Machida in a very tough and action-packed fight.

    "So can you compete at a world-class level (despite the cut)? Absolutely. 'Rampage' was 15 to 20 pound heavier than Frank is right now. And 'Rampage' was not very fat. He has a lot of muscle, a thick-framed dude. He's 6-foot-2. He's a big, bad man. ... So I think Frank could make it."

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    Two things here:

    1. Weight class isn't his problem. The problem is his striking is pretty ugly and predictable, his takedowns are trash, and he's only truly dangerous in open guard....a place where he takes a lot of damage.

    2. The champ at LHW is way more dominant than the round-robin at HW.
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    Dolce has a huge ego...

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    I'm sure it could be done and I'm sure he'd make a great gate keeper at 205 but at this point of his career I don't see him being much more than that.

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    I think Mir at 205 is insane, but I think if he could do it and could be healthy there I think he would wreck people like crazy.
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    His chin will sux at any weight class.

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    Dolce tries to hype up his methods way too hard.

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    I agree with both sentiments from folks saying that a) it doesn't address Mir's biggest problems, b) this seems highly unlikely to be doable in a healthy way. I can't see how Frank, as an older guy with a lot of wear, manages to convert his physique and drop the weight without serious "outside help."

    Reading about this stuff just reminds me how much I dislike weight cutting. I would prefer if weigh ins were the same day to help limit it.

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    Frank is just too slow and is weak in a lot of areas. I thought him gaining all that muscle mass after the 2nd lesnar fight was a detriment to his career. If he dropped to 205 he would probably be faster, but the fighters he would face would be way faster anyways. He just hasn't really got much better over the years. His bjj helps him squeak out random wins, but he has too many holes to consistently put them together.

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    He could do it.
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