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Thread: UFC's Carlos Condit targets Matt Brown after Martin Kampmann redemption

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    1. This whole thing felt weird reading it, but I suppose Cat was right- there's not a lot of options out there. That said, I see Condit as both more developed as a fighter and just stylistically a bad matchup for Brown. Don't see how Condit loses this.
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    If that fight is in Vegas, I'm there.

    And good GOD. Fix the color scheme on this site!
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    I dont know guys... Calling out brown sounds good on paper but he's really impressed me lately. He seems to be growing into his style and at this stage in his career turns up a new and improved fighter each time. Although his stand up is still quite mediocre.

    Brown early or Conduit late.

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    I think Condit said it best... "It would be exciting for the fans." He probably knows that with losing to the top two guys in the division, and having everything tied up for a bit, he might as well try for a FOTN. Hope this happens, and we see a war
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    Condit would absolutely destroy Brown. Some of you guys really think Brown deserves a shot at the belt if he fought and beat Condit? Wonky. That would be his first top ten opponent. Does a streak of lower ranked fighters, and one big win = title shot for most of you guys? This sounds like Bisping.

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