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Thread: Maia on Sonnen, GSP and wrestling

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    Default Maia on Sonnen, GSP and wrestling

    Maia on wrestling:

    “I've focused on wrestling since the Anderson fight. I found various wrestling camps to train at. And now it's coming out, it comes out with the right stimulus. But I think what I do is not wrestling but kind of a mix...

    “The thing is, I really enjoy wrestling, it's a very playful thing to train. I like the double, the single, a couple of takedowns from the clinch... That one against Chael Sonnen was a good one because I didn't use that much energy.”

    Maia on Chael Sonnen:

    “Actually he is a nice guy and so everyone who asks me about him here in Brazil, I tell them he is a nice guy, very smart and is just playing a role. Of course, some people take him serious and they don't like it and they think he's really being serious when he is just making jokes.”

    Maia on GSP:

    “St Pierre is the toughest fighter in the [welterweight] division. It's so hard to beat him, he is such a strategic fighter. He always tries to do things that the opponent is weakest at.”

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    Who is Maia fighting next? Can't wait to see him back in action.

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    Maia/Shields in Oct for the most senseless fight at WW Maia was moving up the rankings, I hope that fight doesn't slow down his progress too much.
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    Either that or some cooter-crabs.
    It's gonna be a good weekend

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    Is it still a mystery substance that got shields popped or is it known? I remember the non disclosure statement mess but never heard anything later on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleJack View Post
    Is it still a mystery substance that got shields popped or is it known? I remember the non disclosure statement mess but never heard anything later on.
    If I had to guess, I'd assume he got a contact high from being near Nick.
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    Maia has looked very impressive lately.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    Wresting is usually the aspect a lot of bjj guys fall short on. It's good to see Maia focusing on such an important part of his game. He has been a beast at 170, I hope he continues his success against shields.
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    Funny how certain fighter's transgressions are not made public, while others' are.

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