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Thread: I guess nobody is watching Bellator

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    I'm going to assume that's sarcasm. Sure, he's better than Anik but so what. The best will always be Bas.
    First of all Anik and Jimmy dont actually do the same thing.. Anik is a Goldberg, and Jimmy is a Rogan. Theyre both commentators but one does all the advertisements and shit, while Rogans job is too just focus on whats happening in the fight. Also i havent heard Bas lately, but in Pride he was good.. But sounded more like a fan then a guy actually breaking down exactly what was going on in the ring. He had alot of "Woooaaahhh's" and "Ooooohhh's" lol

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    Schlemenko looked excellent in the 4th and 5th round when Cooper was already gassed. But the first three rounds....Not at all.

    Schlemenko is a very entertaining fighter and has good skills, but The top fighters in the UFC would beat him.

    You know what fight would be awesome? Schlemenko vs Wanderlei
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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