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Thread: Arlovski: My chin is not weak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pasha K View Post
    Obviously it is weak, but he is not alone. The likes of James Thompson or Stefan Struve also get knocked out all the time.
    Agreed. And the thing you see watching AA get knocked out is either him running into punches (always a disaster) or moving back with his hands nearly at his waist. His chin isn't great but his defense might be the larger issue in the B league.

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    I think damn near any HW can be KTFO with the right shot. Hell Mark Hunt got KO'd. Cain got KO'd and he'd been rocked a few times. These are HW fighters, if he was getting KO'd by jabs that would be a different story, but he's getting clocked clean and hard by hard hitters. He needs to stop doing that and start doing the hitting. Problem solved.
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