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Thread: Fury still wants Cain fight - but only if there's no wrestling

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    Default Fury still wants Cain fight - but only if there's no wrestling


    Tyson Fury is still looking for a fight with UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez - though he has at last admitted he wouldnít have a chance of winning the fight under MMA rules.

    ďI meant it when I challenged Cain Velazquez (the UFC champion) and I hope that will take place, too, although he knows that would have to be an agreed form of upright fighting, without the wrestling on the floor,Ē he said in an interview to promote his September 28 heavyweight boxing fight with David Haye.

    Interestingly, Fury has also signed for a fight on October 25 - but it will be kickboxing rather than MMA. The fight is set to take place in Romania, which suggests it will probably be under the SuperKombat banner.

    Fury is based in Belgium and the Netherlands for much of the time. Being of Irish Traveller stock he finds continental Europe a quieter life, away from the many distractions and feuds which he could easily encounter in the UK and Ireland.

    While in the Netherlands, Fury has trained at the SuperPro gym alongside top-name kickboxers such as Rico Verhoeven and Daniel Ghita. He claims he has done some kickboxing training with them alongside his boxing regimen.

    ďWhere we are in Belgium is kick-boxing country and my sponsor loves that as well as boxing. He asked if I would do this and Iím delighted. Iíve been boxing since I could walk but now Iíve got a new challenge. I enjoy new challenges. They keep me excited,Ē Fury says.

    ďIím not only a boxer but a fighting man by birth and instinct. Iím also an amazing athlete for such a big man. Very mobile. Light on my feet. Agile. Flexible. I could be a success at any kind of physical combat.

    ďIíve been to Bucharest and itís a terrific city. Iíve had fun times there and Iím looking forward to going back as the star of a big show.Ē

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    I want to fight Cain too, but only if he's blindfolded... and I have a bat.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnchorPunch View Post
    So if I don't sin, when I die, I go to Canada? Right?

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    Cain should counter offer. He will only fight Fury but as long as it is a wrestling match with no punching.
    Dude, Iím a wrestler. Iím the best wrestler in MMA. Wrestling IS, was and always has been the most dominate form of mix martial art on the planet. Thatís all there is to it. We all know it, some people want to fight it, some people want doubt it but wresters rule the MMA world. -
    Ben Askren

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat--Smasher View Post
    I hope that will take place, too, although he knows that would have to be an agreed form of upright fighting, without the wrestling on the floor
    Translation: I'll fight him, but only if he lets me win.

    Favourite Fighters: A. Silva, Velasquez, Swanson, Bisping, W. Silva, Barnett, Faber, Dos Santos, Manuwa, McCall, Pickett & Poirier
    Least-Favourite Fighters: Story, Sylvia, Browne & Lentz

    0-1 on sig bets.

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    Fuck who ever this guy is. I'm sick of hearing his name, and I'm sick of boxers acting like taking away wrestling makes it more badass or something. No! Assholes, the less restrictions, the closer it comes to actually finding out who is the best fighter in the world. If the guy thinks he is more badass than Cain then stop trying to limit him or safe guard against your weaknesses. This guy challenged Cain, has kept running his mouth for something that is never gonna happen, and now he is protecting himself even more from it ever happening. Once again, fuck this guy.
    USA! USA! USA!

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    Even without wrestling Cain would win.
    Cain would demolish him with leg kicks.
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    The clinch would be in Cains favor too. I would be funny Cain to do a standing choke out

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    Iím not only a boxer but a fighting man by birth and instinct.

    as long as there's no grappling.

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    It must be nice to know you can call out someone all you want without actually having to fight them. Say what you want but I hold James Toney in a much higher regard than any other boxer talking shit about MMA. That dude backed up, or at least tried to back up what he said.
    You have to know what you don't know.

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    Fuck it, I'm throughing my hat in. I want to fight JDS, Cain and Overeem at the same time. I'll be the one with the MK-19 fully auto grenade launcher.

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