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Thread: Frankie Edgar, B.J. Penn selected as 'TUF 19' coaches, will meet at 145 pounds

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    Pointless fight, but I'll enjoy the season of TUF. I will also enjoy watching Edgar break Penn. I will not enjoy the "which BJ will show up?!?! Talk".
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    BJs my favourite fighter of all time but i'm really not sure about this matchup. I'm interested to see BJ at FW though. War BJ!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flynnja View Post
    This is sad. BJ hasn't won a fight since 2010, and Frankie is a top 5 FW. Even if the first fight was controversial, there is no need to match these two up at this point. And BJ at 145? Yeah... I just don't feel good about this at all.
    How is Frankie Edgar a top 5 FW? He's got exactly one win in the weightclass, over an unranked guy coming off a loss.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1inthechamber View Post
    Waste of both their time. Penn is done, he's been done for awhile now. Frankie is still a top contender at fw or lw. This is gonna tie him up for no reason. Its not like they're 1-1 either.
    Again, I don't think Frankie is a top contender at either anymore.
    I like Edgar, but being a game fighter who stays busy doesn't necessarily mean he's a top contender. You could easily make the argument that he's lost 5 out of his last 8 fights--granted, a few of them were title shots [some undeserved] and many were title defenses--but his last quality win was Maynard, years ago.
    Penn isn't any better, don't get me wrong, his last win was when people still took Diego Sanchez seriously, if you can remember that far back.

    But there were guys on the board trying to make a case for Anderson/sonnen III not too long ago. This fight--regardless of weight class--makes much more sense than that blatant cash-grab.

    And as someone pointed out, at least it doesn't tie up title defense schedules with that crap reality show.

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    I'd rather see Anderson/sonnen III then this fight.

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    I got 2-1 odds that say BJ pulls out with an "injury" a month before the fight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flynnja View Post
    What the hell does Frankie gain from this besides $$$?
    He gets to punch BJ in the face till his corner throws in the towel.
    Cash and a punching bag.. Not a bad deal.

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    I love BJ and always want to see him back in the cage, especially if he is motivated to make 155 let alone 145 (very interesting).

    But fuck a third fight with Edgar! If he loses to Edgar for a third time, I will never get over it. I would much rather see both of them fight someone else.

    Still want Edgar/Faber.

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    I'm not best pleased about this fight, it makes no sense at all.

    Having said that, who knows, maybe BJ has been taking the time out as an opportunity to get in shape, get his conditioning in check, and prepare for the cut.

    Oh wait...
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    Scrap that, Frankie's about to go 3 - 0.

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    I love both those guys, but I just can't see BJ winning this one, again, it will probably be a UD for Frankie... If BJ makes the cut, I still see Frankie running circles around him.

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    I still dislike Edgar because he has the personality of a chair and fights like Clay Guida.

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