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Thread: Michael Bisping expects title shot with impressive win over Mark Munoz

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleJack View Post
    Horrible headline. He never said that at all.
    sbnation/mmamania and that other one with that douche who called himself kid nate well into his 30s have to be the shittiest sites on the interweb...bloody elbow. leave no misleading title untyped...

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    Quote Originally Posted by H0SS View Post

    No sight of Hoss for weeks, but a Bisping thread pops up and this guy shows up like Candyman to post the H-bomb gif. Classic.

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    I'm split on who wins between Munoz and Bisping. If he stops Munoz, which doesn't seem likely, they'd give him a title shot. If he won a decision, he'd certainly be in line for a title eliminator. Granted, the term "title eliminator" doesn't mean as much as it used to, but still.

    On that note, how many more title eliminators/#1 contender fights will Bisping get? Would it be his last one if he beats Munoz?

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    Yeah, the only title implications this fight has to me is if Bisping loses, he's not getting a shot ever.

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    No one cares about what Bisping has to say anymore, he is a bum. Munoz is going to smash him, and if he doesn't, Bisping will either win by eye poke, or knee to the head while Munoz is on the ground.. Bispings only chance in this fight, Munoz is a monster, you just all watch and enjoy.

    Bisping has proved time and time again, he can beat mid-tier competition but always loses to the top guys, he can't hang, plain and simple.
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    Even when Bisping loses, he still thinks he deserves a title shot. I doubt this fight will have title implications. I think the next fight that has Jacare in it will be for the number one contender.

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    Even if Bisping didn't say that to a reporter we know and expect that kinda BS from him. As the last guy said even when he loses he still thinks he won.

    Bisping will keep getting title eliminater shots as long as DW can get a cash bonner from him.

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    It sounds like UFC brass are the delusional, not Bisping. He said the UFC told him that there were title implications and then described his best case scenarios.


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