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Thread: Glover Teixeira would fight another contender if Jones and Gustafsson rematch

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    Glover be squashing cans outside top 10 and you guys want him to fight for the title? Who has he beat for you guys to even think he can beat Jones? You all be delusional, Beat a worthy contender before you think hes the second coming.

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    Outside the top 10? Hardly. Rampage was ranked 8th at the time of their bout while Bader was fluttering between 9-10.

    I agree that he, and any other title challenger, should have a top 5 win at minimum under their belt, but we have to accept the reality that money determines matchmaking.

    Glover is a finisher and that is what the fans love. Many of the casuals at my local bar were starstruck watching Glover tear apart Maldonaldo and were anticipating every fight of his since.
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