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Thread: Travis Browne vs. Stipe Miocic targeted for December UFC event

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    Nice fight.
    Browne is favorite but Miocic can give the upset. He has some serious hands and unless Overeem, he has a decent chin and will not be cocky.
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    I like this fight a lot. They need to start building up new guys. But I was expecting a step up for Travis.

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    I like this fight. Both guys are constantly improving and trying to work their way up, I think it will be competitive. Browne probably earned a step up, but i think it is good to build him back slowly.

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    Meh, not a huge fan of this fight honestly.. Thought they'd give Brown a much bigger, better named fighter. Barnett or hell, I would have enjoyed Browne/Rothwell even more than this since Rothwell begged for that fight after his last win over Vera.

    Stipe is a great fighter but not named enough yet to fight Browne..Stipe is one tough SOB though and hits hard to Brown better be careful this is a risky fight for him.. Brown will decision him.
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