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Thread: Rickson Gracie’s Son, Kron, Planning MMA Debut

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    Default Rickson Gracie’s Son, Kron, Planning MMA Debut

    “I believe I’ll make my MMA debut next year, that’s my next step,” Gracie said. “I would move away from jiu-jitsu competitions for a while to focus on that. It’s a truer fight, there’s no guard… It’s you and another man going to war. It’s truer than jiu-jitsu.”

    “I want to be way better than my father was,” said the Brazilian. “There’s no other option for me. I will be better than him or I won’t even try. If I see him as a parameter, I see him as someone to surpass. If there were some other people, the best in the world, I would train to be better than him.”

    “I always think of Pride and want to be recognized for maintaining this line of my family. I won’t fight with strategy or (to win by) points. I’m curious, I think it would be nice.”

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    To me it looks that Gracies have not realized yet that the time where being an expert in BJJ was enough to be succesful in MMA is over.

    They are for sure among the best BJJ practitioners in the world, but their striking is awful, their cardio is awful, and any Top 20 fighter easily beats them.

    They may be succesful in small orgs against Top 50 fighters, but in Top organizations against good fighters they have absolutely nothing to do.
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    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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    I think kron is the one to make an impact in mma. He seems like an aggressive guy and he's I'm great shape.

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    Like everyother Gracie over the last 7 or so years he will get smashed and sent on his way. Like Pasha K said, time has just passed them by.
    Dude, I’m a wrestler. I’m the best wrestler in MMA. Wrestling IS, was and always has been the most dominate form of mix martial art on the planet. That’s all there is to it. We all know it, some people want to fight it, some people want doubt it but wresters rule the MMA world. -
    Ben Askren

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    401-0, that's what it takes to be better Kron.

    Seriously though, I hope he does well, maybe he's working on his striking. I always liked Rickson, but his supposed win/loss record is ridiculously exaggerated.
    "Without blinking I bitch slapped him right across the face and grabbed him and yelled, "You go out there and beat his ass!!!" Nate "The Rock" Quarry.

    "Shit just got real here in the Max!" Michael "The Voice" Schiavello at K-1 World Max Rd of 16 2010, Zambidis vs. Chahid.

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    As much as a Rickson mark as I am, the only Gracie offspring I care to see debut in MMA is Kyra. That said, if any of the next generation Gracies are to make it, I'd wager Rickson's have the best chance.

    Oh, and never bet on a Gracie.

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    "If Hickson is 400-0, I'm 1000-0" Helio once said... I love BJJ, and obviously have great admiration for the Gracies, but the results are there, the younger Gracies haven't been that succesful in MMA...

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