"Iím not the one who decides that, but in my mind I believe Ricardo Lamas is the next in line," Aldo said. "He already earned his chance. If itís not him, I believe Cub Swanson should be the next option."

Ricardo Lamas has won four in a row in the UFC, including three finishes over Matt Grice, Erik Koch and Cub Swanson, but he hasnít fought since January.

Aldo wonít return until next year, as he expects to return to training Ď100 percent recoveredí in a month, but the champion believes the featherweight contender should sit and wait for his chance.

"If I were Lamas, I wouldnít fight anyone and just wait for my opportunity," he said. "He was supposed to fight me already but then (Anthony) Pettis got himself in the middle. Lamas should wait, this is his moment. But it they decide to do a rematch between Lamas and Swanson to see who fights me, thatís ok too."

Asked about Chad Mendes, who has knocked out four opponents since losing to Jose Aldo on 2012, the Brazilian said heís not quite there yet, despite the fact that he has finished the likes of Clay Guida and Darren Elkins.

"Chad Mendes is still starting, havenít fought anyone ranked yet, only fought guys that are not that good," he said. "Heís coming off good wins, but he hasnít beaten good guys. So I believe the next two should be Ricardo Lamas and Cub Swanson."