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Zombie didn't deserve a title shot, yet he got one, from here out Lamas and Mendes have been tearing through the division, and either one has made a strong enough case.

If Aldo doesn't want to fight Mendes because they've already, have Lamas get the next shot, but those two have pulled far away from the rest of the pack.
Lamas is clearly the #1 contender. As impressive as Mendes has been, I don't put him as the #2 in line for a title shot. I would put Swanson ahead of him. Sure Mendes has beaten Swanson but that was 3 years ago and in between that time Mendes already received his shot. Since Mendes' last loss, he has beaten Cody McKenzie, Yaotzin Meza, Darren Elkins, and Clay Guida, whereas since Swanson's last loss, Swanson has beaten George Roop, Ross Pearson, Charles Oliviera, Dustin Poirier and Dennis Siver. Easily, Swanson's wins have been against much stronger competition.

I have no doubt that Mendes is the better fighter compared to Swanson, but in terms of deserving a title shot, Swanson has done more.

I'm okay with Lamas fighting Aldo next and Mendes fighting Swanson again in the rematch though.