So what did you think about the fight??

It was not spectacular but had some good moments. Canelo was in paper a big threat but Mayweather made him look like a level B sparring partner.
In the whole fight there was not one single punch by Canelo where you can say "Woow, that was a very good punch", of course he landed some shots but Mayweather was never in any kind of trouble.

Amazing display by that judge declaring the fight a draw, Cecil Peoples would be so proud.

Mayweather looks absolutely fantastic, at 36 his speed and reflexes are absolutely insane. He may not be the hardest puncher but he hits a lot and does not get hit.
I see no one capable of beating him, like a couple of years ago I thought that Pacman would beat him, but nah, Pacman would get dominated too.

Mayweather looked very down to earth in his post fight interview, I thought he would sound way more arrogant.
However he should be fined for bringing those 2 clowns with him: The anorexic shirtless crappy rapper, and that lesbian with sunglasses.