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Thread: Jones: Cormier is a big hater of mine

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    Default Jones: Cormier is a big hater of mine
    UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones fights Alexander Gustafsson on Saturday at UFC 165 in Toronto. If he beats Gustafsson, he is looking next at Glover Teixeira, with Daniel Cormier perhaps next in line. Jones does not seem to like what he sees very much.

    Glover was damned with faint praise.

    "I thought he showed signs of being a high-level fighter," said Jones recently. "I don't think he's ready to beat me. I thought he showed signs, being punched that hard by Bader shows me where he's at. No matter what your excuse is, it still happened. If you're a seasoned vet and you said you allowed overconfidence to be your weakness, it's still a weakness you allowed to happen in the first place. If you have a great opponent and great understanding, then you won't rush into a guy like Ryan Bader who is obviously going to swing big, looping punches at you. I don't think he's the guy who's going to beat me."

    Cormier was pretty much just damned.

    "To be honest with you, I don't think Daniel Cormier really deserves a big fight," said Jones. "I don't respect him as a person. I think fighting me would be an opportunity of a lifetime for him. I don't think I have much to gain from beating Daniel Cormier because no one knows who he is, and he hasn't really proved much."

    "He seems to really not like me and be a big hater of mine. It's sad, considering we're both African-American and there's not many of us in the sport. We should try to find a common bond. We don't need to be friends, but we should at least respect each other. It's pathetic that me and Rashad have such a bad relationship and me and Daniel have such a bad relationship."

    Jones encouraged by, not jealous of FMJ payday
    Floyd Mayweather Jr. was famously guaranteed $40.5 fighting Canelo Alvarez Saturday night, and may make as much as $100,000,000. Unflattering comparisions have been drawn between the FMJ's pay and that of the top fighters in MMA. However, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones however was and encourage, not jealous.

    "It's ridiculous," said Jones recently, adding "in a good way."

    "His swagger, his work ethic shined through. It's great to see a champion show his heart and his winning ways. It's great to see a champion get what he deserves. That really, really encourages me."

    "Boxing has been around over 100 years. The foundation is set and the money is there. MMA is so new. You can't just expect to be paid, if we're going to be paid $40 million, what is the UFC going to make? Floyd is his own production. We're a fairly new sport. I'm grateful for the money I make. As a 26-year-old I could never imagine being in this position."

    "I don't think money is the key to life, or happiness. Would it be nice? It would be great to be paid the way other athletes will be paid. Doing my part, paydays closer to that, hopefully I'll be the guy to get us there through hard work, longevity.

    "Doing something you love, to make millions of dollar of doing it, it's an honor. I don't want to come off ungrateful. I'm happy. I'm extremely happy. ... Hopefully we get there, hopefully I"m the one who gets us there. I'm not going to judge my happiness on someone else's accomplishments."
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