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Thread: Jones: Cormier is a big hater of mine

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    ESPN reporter says Gatorade allowing Jon Jones to wear logo at UFC 165, but no pay involved

    ESPN's Darren Rovell spoke to Gatorade who informed him that Jon Jones will receive no pay and does not have a sponsorship contract with the company as reported yesterday. Rovell later back tracked on the "no money" claim.

    As was reported yesterday on this and many other sites, Jon Jones will be wearing the Gatorade logo into the cage Saturday night at UFC 165 when he takes on Alexander Gustafsson. Jones will be the first fighter to ever sport the Gatorade logo inside the cage, an impressive claim to be sure.

    However, ESPN's Darren Rovell is making it clear that it is not a paid sponsorship, Jones is being allowed to wear the logo, but is not being paid for it:

    darren rovell ✔ @darrenrovell

    Despite reports that Jon Jones has signed a Gatorade deal, Gatorade official says there is no contract, no $ changing hands.
    darren rovell ✔ @darrenrovell

    Gatorade official says company has sent product to Jon Jones, will allow him to wear logo, but not paying him $
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    Am I racist? I like DC, but I dislike bones, does that make me racist? I feel like it does.

    I love the Dwight Howard comparison. I've disliked him for a while now too. Van Gundy will always be a hero of mine just because of one interview.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Donosaur View Post
    Am I racist? I like DC, but I dislike bones, does that make me racist? I feel like it does.
    Yes because Jones is more black than Cormier. So yes, you are a racist. So am I
    Not only brazilians can do this stuff

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