Jones has been doing a crazy amount of media this week(rather poorly in my estimation) and has said more than a few doofus comments(the CJ Ross paid/on drugs comment was dumb), so this this doesn't break the top 3. His appearance on SportsNation the other day made him look like a smug prick and couple that with his comments towards potential upcoming challengers(Cormier, Glover) and Goose, he's been so aloof and dismissive, as though he wasn't going to even remotely try to sell the fight and possible future fights.

Jones is the main face of mainstream MMA going forward, but he hasn't done nearly enough to entice mainstream, casual fans to buy his PPV main event. Go back and watch a couple of his interviews, he's like, "Yeah, Gustufsson's big and I've heard all the stuff about his striking, but he's only beaten one top ten". Wow, that'll really make people want to buy the PPV to see a guy fight Jones, who already has minimal exposure, with Jones' nonchalant attitude. I'm not saying he has to go into super kayfabe Chael mode to hype a fight, but a little media training to at least make the fight sound interesting and worthy of purchasing isn't too much to ask.

I'm neither a Jones fan or hater, but I haven't been impressed with him this week.