Only two fights into his Octagon career (both wins), the competition for Conor will only get stiffer, and that's when the mixed martial arts (MMA) world will truly find out if the "Irish guy" -- as Aldo called him -- can back up all of the fire he's been spewing.

"The Irish guy? I'm always watching every featherweight that fights in the UFC because we can eventually fight in the future. He's a great fighter. He's starting now, but he is already saying some polemical things. It's part of the business. The (talking) put him on the map, so now he will have to show everything he has talked about. It's part of the business. He hasn't spoken my name, he only talked about the guys below me in the division. It's his personality. If he talks, he knows what he's doing. Let's see in the future when he fights more if he can back it up."