Pashak, when was the last time I banned someone?
I do not know, I can not know what you are doing with your "moderating power". And I did not said that you are banning people in a daily basis. I said that you have the power to do so.

you missed the very obvious point: women post who want their gender to be anonymous. homosexuals post who want their sexuality to be anonymous. the first thing you asked is who the women are.

I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings, but that makes you an idiot.
Even if I missed the most obvious point in history, you could have simply said it without the "idiot" stuff.

It is not that my feelings are hurt. It is just that you had no reason at all to insult me, specially considering that (until my last post) in the 5 years I have been here, I never said anything disrespectful to you.

and yes, I am an insufferable prick in real life as well. I'm cutting you slack because English is your second language, but you're coming off as a fool here.
And you are very happy acting like an insufferable prick in real life?
English is not my second language, it is my fourth language actually.

Maybe I come off as a fool, but don't you think that you come exactly the same way when you are a moderator and you spread insults to everyone left and right?

Whatever, I am not going to continue a heated discussion with you, and I apologize for the earlier rant.

Lbrewer, Sorry about all the insults I wrote. I understand that you do not want your son to read that kind of stuff, I will edit my post.